Don’t Leave Me, Love!

TV Series - 1 season - 4 episodes
Original title: «Не покидай меня, любовь!»
Director: Boris Tokarev, Lyudmila Gladunko
Russia, 2001
Duration: 208 min


In the 70s, the popular film actress Liza Azimova left for the United States after her lover, the famous dissident poet Gromov, leaving her family in Moscow and canceling her brilliant career. Several years have passed. Gromov died of drunkenness, unable to adapt to American life, Lisa decided to return to her homeland.

Fate brings her together with a former classmate, Oleg, the CEO of a large Moscow construction company. Oleg loved Lisa since school, but, not having achieved reciprocity, he married Tanya. Their children have already grown up: Ivan is graduating from college, and Lena is finishing school. Gentle and caring towards his wife, Oleg nevertheless admits to Lisa that his heart belongs only to her. Not understanding her feelings, but striving to finally find a harbor, Lisa marries him...

Cast & Crew

Boris Tokarev, Lyudmila Gladunko
Boris Tokarev
Larisa Guzeeva
Dmitry Brusnikin
Elena Sanaeva
Evgenia Simonova
Alla Pokrovskaya
Valery Barinov
Ludmila Velikaya
Lyudmila Gladunko
Andrey Egorov
Boris Tokarev
Lyudmila Gladunko
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