Two Paper Soldiers

Full length feature film
Original title: «Два солдатика бумажных»
Director: Alexey Poyarkov, Roman Khrushch
Russia, 2001
Duration: 90 min

Selected Tracks

All music performed, recorded and mixed by Roman Dormidoshin.


Two young provincials come to Moscow for their girls. The paratrooper officer Kostya was abandoned by his beloved, exchanging him for the capital's dude, and he is determined, firstly, to punch the offender in the face, and secondly, to return his beloved. The girlfriend of Misha Myshkin, a graduate of the seminary, had long forgotten about its existence. The heroes, having met on the train, disperse at the station to woo their beloved, but the cruel, mysterious, phantasmagoric city does not let go of its victims so easily.

Cast & Crew

Alexey Poyarkov, Roman Khrushch
Dmitry Burkhankin
Alexey Kravchenko
Hope Nudga
Mikhail Krylov
Olga Bynkova
Denis Nadtochy
Nikita Prozorovsky
Sergey Taramaev
Boris Estrin
Alexey Zhiryakov
Boris Tokarev
DEBUT Film company
Cinematography Service of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation