Живи и помни (2008)

Live and Remember

Full length feature film
Original title: «Живи и помни»
Director: Alexander Proshkin
Russia, 2008
Duration: 100 min

Selected Tracks

Music recording:
:: Russian State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography
:: Conductor – Sergey Skripka
:: Sound engineer – Gennady Papin
:: Music editor – Konstantin Shevelev
:: September 7-8, 2007, Mosfilm
Music mixing: Gennady Papin
Mastering: Roman Dormidoshin


In the last year of the war, Andrey returns to his native village. But he returns not as a hero, but as a deserter who, after being wounded, did not reach his military unit from the hospital. Only one person knows that Andrei has returned - his wife Nastya - the only one to whom Andrei can trust his life.

Nastya is forced to hide her husband even from her relatives, only occasionally visiting him in hiding. Andrei is now an eternal fugitive, doomed to loneliness. Over time, Nastya finds out that she is expecting a baby. For the whole village, she is an unfaithful wife who did not wait for her husband.

Victory Day comes, husbands and sons come home, and only Nastya knows for sure that her Andrey will never return. Meanwhile, rumors are spreading around the village that Andrei is not missing, that he has deserted and is hiding somewhere nearby...

Cast & Crew

Alexander Proshkin
Sergey Makovetsky
Anna Mikhalkova
Sergei Bekhterev
Evgenia Glushenko
Daria Moroz
Daria Ekamasova
Mikhail Evlanov
Tamara Tsyganova
Natalya Tetenova
Igor Khripunov
Ruben Dishdishyan
Sergey Danielyan
Aram Movsesyan
Yuri Moroz
Film studio COURIER