Olympic Village (2011)

Olympic Village

Full length feature film
Original title: «Олимпийская деревня»
Director: Aleksandr Sukharev
Russia, 2011
Duration: 90 min

Selected Tracks

Working Title: “Любовь. Олимпиада. Рок-н-ролл” (Love. Olympics. Rock’n’roll)


Moscow. August 1980. Soviet authorities are preparing Moscow for the arrival of the Olympic guests. In connection with the campaign to "cleanse" Moscow, unreliable citizens, dissidents and dissidents are sent for the 101st kilometer to holiday villages and sanatoriums for the duration of the Olympics.

Among them is the infantile cellist Arseniy Chaika, who, having won the Tchaikovsky Competition, attracted excessive attention from the foreign music press and is now under close attention of the relevant authorities. With a cello on his back and with his only friend - a rabbit in his arms, Arseniy goes into exile.

The village of Protasovo lives its usual life - summer residents eat vegetables from the garden, local residents drink for Olympic records. Moscow guests organically fit into the rural landscape. Having set up a hippie camp along the river, they drink port wine and give impromptu rock concerts. Arseniy can’t calmly draw a link ...

His squealing greatly irritates the local alcoholics, who try in vain to sell a stolen piglet to Arseniy to drink for Navy Day. The former paratrooper Igor is jealous of his girlfriend, student Lera, for Arseny, who for some reason likes Arseny's music more than Igor's biceps and brand new UAZ.

Igor accidentally hits a rabbit with a car, which Arseniy can no longer bear and decides to commit suicide. Lera saves Arseny, and from that moment they no longer hide their feelings. Igor wants revenge.

At this time, Radio Liberty correspondent William Smith arrives in Moscow. He is looking for Arseniy to interview him and help him in his career. Smith finds out where Arseniy is and follows him to the village under the supervision of undercover KGB agents. When all the heroes gather in the village, what is called a real comedy begins.

Against the backdrop of sporting achievements and Olympic victories, the village has its own “Olympiad”. A tangled tangle of incredibly comical situations unwinds a two-hundred-kilogram hog named "Boy", while in Moscow the Olympic Bear rises above the stands ...

Cast & Crew

Aleksandr Sukharev
Sergei Koleshnya
Anastasia Gorodentseva
Denis Nikiforov
Valery Garkalin
Mikhail Efremov
Viktor Bychkov
Olga Volkova
Vladimir Gusev
Timofey Tribuntsev
Gennady Khazanov
Sergey Stepanchenko
Galina Petrova
Inga Oboldina
Alexey Buldakov
Ludmila Chursina
Inna Sukhareva
Sergei Halkov
Arkady Telelyasov
Vadim Elizarov
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