Гардемарины 1787. Мир (2021)

Midshipmen 1787. Peace

Full length feature film
Original title: «Гардемарины 1787. Мир»
Historical Adventure Family
Director: Svetlana Druzhinina
Russia, 2021
Duration: 119 min


Crimea, 1787. Despite the Manifesto of the Russian Empress Catherine and the Kyuchuk-Kainarji peace treaty, which forever united Crimea with Russia, Europe continues to weave intrigues, trying to break this sacred union...

In the undercover struggle, all methods were used - from shameless gossip, dark rumors and false articles in newspapers to dirty manipulations with the illegitimate son of the empress, sent to Europe for training - Alexei Bobrinsky, a passionate gambler and a brawler. This weakness was cleverly exploited by international intriguers. Cut the knot of the conspiracy Catherine instructs true friends - midshipmen ... Together with their fathers, their grown-up children, Shurka and Alexandra, go into battle.

Cast & Crew

Svetlana Druzhinina
Dmitry Kharatyan
Alexander Domogarov
Mikhail Mamaev
Christina Orbakaite
Mikhail Boyarsky
Anastasia Makeeva
Anna Semenovich
Olga Mashnaya
Vsevolod Shilovsky
Alexander Pankratov-Cherny
Svetlana Druzhinina